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Moon Farm

Produce Bundle

Produce Bundle

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Do you want a dozen eggs:

Produce Bundles are the easiest way to get fresh produce, eggs, and more from your local farm!

We deliver to: 
44240, 44266, 44221, 44224, 44412, 44222, 44223, 44278, 44260, 44272, 44429
 If you are unsure, please email

Outside of the delivery area and still want our produce? Click here to check out our Market Wagon page.

What's in a Bundle?

Basic Bundle:

  • A six-ounce bag of heirloom salad mix;
    2 servings of microgreens or a seasonal leafy green;
    1-2 seasonal veggies;
    Free Delivery of your order & any addons from the marketplace.

Regular Bundle:

  • A six-ounce bag of heirloom salad mix
    2 servings of microgreens or a seasonal leafy green;
    Fresh bunches of herbs;
    2-3 Seasonal veggies;
    Free Delivery, including any any addons from the marketplace.

Family Bundle

  • 2x Regular bundle!

How do I get my Bundle?

Delivery for our subscribers will occur on Mondays between 8am and 4pm. Simply leave a cooler on your porch for us, and we’ll drop off your order!  

If you are in before the cutoff (11:59PM on Friday), your first share will be delivered the following Monday.

 Can I add on more items?

Yes! Subscribers have access to our online farmer's market where you can add on extra veggies and products from Moon Farm, as well as shop rotating featured items from other local businesses!

Don't worry, we'll make sure you never get a duplicate item!

What is your cancellation policy?

Going on vacation or just need to skip a week? Send me an email and I’ll put a pause on your subscription.

Need to cancel? Cancel anytime through your login portal or by emailing

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