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Goat Herd Share - 2023 Season

Goat Herd Share - 2023 Season

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Initial share payment includes the deposit for 4 reusable glass jars. Board for your share of the goats is $25/month/share, and will begin Monday, July 3rd, 2023,  running until the end of March, 2024. Room & Board payments are charged on the 1st of the month.  Share owners may then choose to renew their share for the next season, sell it to another person, or sell it back to the farm.  Once all jars are returned, we will buy back the share at the initial price ($25).

Each share will get an equitable distribution of products your share produces, which should be approx 2 quarts of milk per week, or equivalent value-added products (such as Chevre or other Cheese, or Butter). Let me be clear, you are buying a share of the animal, which entitles you to the products your share produces. Your payments are for board, including food, shelter, and care and are not for the milk. Pickup is free, delivery in our service area is $10 per month.

More details can be found in the Herd Share Agreement. Please email to review, or you will recieve an email after signing up to review and approve it.  A signed herdshare agreement is required to complete your purchase. 

Shares can be sold back to the farm, or sold to another person with approval from the farm.

Produce bundle subscribers can get free delivery with their weekly bundle. For bi-weekly subscribers, you will get a double share with your bundle every other week.

Zip codes we deliver to: 44240, 44266, 44221, 44224, 44412, 44222, 44223, 44278, 44260, 44272, 44429

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